Friday, May 19, 2006

The Invention of the Iron Wheels

Invented: 721BC - 705BC

Location: In the ancient city of Khorsabad, Iraq

History: The invention of the wheel was one of the greatest contributions made by the ancient Mesopotamians to the whole of humankind. This early iron wheel (23 cm diam.) with bronze hub and bearings may have been part of a wooden ceremonial cart. It was found in the temple of Nabu, the god of writing and scribes, in the ancient city of Dur-Sharrukin (modern-day Khorsabad).

First Iron Wheels, Iraq

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Collected by
Gordon Loud (in charge of excavations at Khorsabad)
Excavated by The Oriental Institute 1932-1933

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Monday, May 15, 2006

The First Cities in History

Founded: Around 4000-3500 BC.

Location: Between Present-day Syria and Iraq; Mesopotamia.

For the ancient Mesopotamians, their cities were the centers of life. When they looked back to the beginning of time, they did not see a Garden of Eden, but rather an ancient site called Eridu, which they believed was the first city ever to be created. Ancient Mesopotamia is where the world's first cities appeared around 4000 - 3500 BC.

Mesopotamian City, Center of Life

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No one knows for sure why urbanization began in Mesopotamia. The development of cities could have occurred due to environmental conditions. Lack of rainfall might have been the inspiration for people to organize themselves in a common effort to build canals for the irrigation of farmland. Another reason may have been the need for protection on the open plain, which could have led people to gather together to create walled enclaves. Whatever the reasons, this was the first time in history that humankind channeled its energies towards addressing the needs of a community as a whole.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Returning Back From a Long Holiday

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